Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chandrasekar Sankaran

It feels very sad to know that one of the foremost mentors of the Sri Sathya Sai Brass Band is no more. It is impossible to replace a person like Mr. Ferguson, who taught and forged the Band in his own way, always filled with fun and frolic. He never ever had the air of an icon or a big star. We always felt very comfortable around him and whenever he taught us we were like his own band students.
I can never forget the way we all used to shout and welcome him each time he entered the Band room or when he came for practice. Nor can I ever forget the jazz music he used to play for us from his albums in between the practice sessions or how he used to come to the hostel to practice with us for the many Christmas programs we have performed. We have got so many chances to be near Swami because He was happy with Ferguson. Once, if you all remember, Swami asked him to come and sit near Him after we had performed in Sai Kulwant Hall.
I hope and pray that he has reached Swami's Lotus feet and attained peace.


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