Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chaitanya K
Alto Saxophone
1997 -2005

I would say that Maynard made me feel "music is fun". It was a sort of invitation, one that said, "Look ! I am having fun with this and so can you". I now think that it was more than that. For him life was all about doing what he loved, which of course was music. Something like "you can bake your cake and eat it too".

One particular year, during sports meet, when the Band boys were marching in procession behind Sai Gita (the ceremonial elephant) at the Hill View Stadium, she decided to ease herself! You can imagine seeing Ganga and Yamuna flowing on the road. The band boys couldn't help but march on this “deluge”! Seeing this Maynard remarked, "Thank God, elephants don't fly!"

On another occasion he enthralled us with stories of how on his visit to Thailand he had jammed with His majesty the King of Thailand.

Maynard will be remembered for his infectious love for life, humor, laughter, wit and his dedication to an art form that is dear to all of our hearts.


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