Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sai Srinivasa Raghavan

When I joined the Institute Brass Band, I was given the trumpet to play. As a newbie to western music, I considered myself a misfit for the trumpet. With my inability to learn fast and the amount of expectation on my performance, I was thoroughly de-motivated. For almost 4 to 5 months I could not even get the first note (C) properly. Every day was a nightmare. The days were flying and still I did not find any improvement. I thought of quitting the band but God had other plans!

It was then that I had the opportunity of being taught by Mr. Maynard Ferguson. When I met him for the first time, I had no clue as to how this elderly person could teach us. But I was shocked and awe struck when he straight away played the double C. All my doubts were reduced to ashes and I was very excited to learn this magnificent instrument.
Every time I saw him and heard him, I was motivated. My entire struggle was worth the wait. To be able to finally meet the magnanimous, profound, cheerful,
understanding legend, Maynard Ferguson.

Maynard used to come to our institute every evening and teach us the basics. It was indeed remarkable that such a renowned person was teaching scales to some unknown amateurs in the remote corner of the world. It cannot happen with any other person other than Maynard. He was humility personified. His eagerness to learn at that age amazed each one of us.

These words do not suffice to explain our feelings for our grand father Maynard. People like Maynard come once in a life time and no body can replace him. As a member of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute Brass band and a student of Maynard, I am very sorry and deeply grieved that our grand pa is no more with us. We all pray that his soul rest in peace. He will motivate generations to come with his ever green musical renderings.

With Lots of Love and Reverence,
Sai Srinivasa Raghavan


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