Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sai Prasad
1st Cornet/Trumpet

Although I was new to western music & marching bands, Maynard’s charm put me at ease. His teaching style was so very easy that even a total newbie would have picked up in no time. That was his charisma. I will be ever indebted to him for instilling music in me. Today music is a constant part of my life and I owe it to MF & the SSSIHL Band.

I still remember the days with MF when we were practicing for the Christmas concert to be performed in front of Swami in the Poornachandra auditorium. What an opportunity it was! I always wonder about the amount of energy that he had at that age. He used to ward off any signs of tiredness with a hearty laughter and hilarious jokes.

The practice sessions in front of the computer lab, the library, the photo sessions with MF in front of College Entrance, the musical story sessions with MF and Bailey - all still remain vivid memories.

Maynard, we will surely miss you but your music and you are eternal. May your music (Light) live in us always.


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