Thursday, August 31, 2006

Prem Kumar C.G.

By the time I joined the Institute band, Maynard’s trips to India had become less frequent. I was not among the lucky ones who got the rare honor of playing alongside the Legend. But the few interactions I had with him during his short trips to Prasanthi Nilayam left me mesmerized. He had a zest for life like no other and his happiness was very infectious. We must consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be taught by one of the greatest exponents of Jazz Music.

One incident I do remember is when Maynard had come to the College for our practice session. We were practicing in front of the Computer Lab facing the road, Maynard picked up his trumpet and played a solo. When he finished, we noticed that there was a major traffic jam on the road! People had stopped in their tracks and were craning their necks to see Maynard. All were too stunned to applaud as they had never heard such a beautiful piece studded with such high notes. Frankly, many of us too never knew that a trumpet could ever sound like that.
We miss U Dear Grand Pa.


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