Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ajay Yekkirala

It is a sad event to hear of someone so intricately involved with our band to pass on. Though I was not fortunate enough to have been in the band when he was actively involved, how can I forget the innumerable grooving sessions to "Chameleon", "Gospel John" and "Gonna Fly Now"? I remember being fascinated listening to him as a school boy and that inspired me...not only to want to be in the band and be a part of its rich legacy, but to appreciate the fact that music is an expression of life...and express it happily and uninhibited. Thanks to Bhagawan we have had such interactions with many a stalwarts, but my seniors called MF "Grand Pa" and that to me indicates his contribution. Our band is a high traffic zone, many have come and gone, but all of us will remember him fondly either through personal experience or through the stories passed on. Listening to his music as type this message I realize, the legend lives on......


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