Wednesday, September 06, 2006

E N Prabhakaran
1993 - 1995

Shri. Maynard Ferguson conducted our SSSIHL band group on many occasions. I was fortunate to have learnt to play the trombone under his supervision during 1994-1995. He was a fantastic musician. His love and appreciation for the discipline and science in Indian musical formats, both Hindustani and Carnatic, was unique and always refreshing to us in the band group.

His devotion to Swamy and dedication to music was heartening. I still remember how he would visit us before and after bhajans and darshan, to teach us during band practice. He would walk all the way from mandir to the college like a young kid bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. He always had a smile and a joke for every occasion, forever cheering up people. He was one of the first from whom I got a glimpse of the positive culture in the West.

His passing away is a sad loss to all those who knew him. I humbly pray to Bhagawan that his soul may rest in peace.


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